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Google Photos is preparing integration with Calendar for reminders [Video]

New updates to Google Photos appear to be preparing a new reminders functionality that integrates with Google Calendar.

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Have you ever snapped a photo of a document to remind yourself of an important meeting or event? It’s a pretty common practice, and Google Photos will soon be able to help you turn that photographic reminder into one that shows up in Google Calendar.

As spotted by TheSpAndroid, Google Photos has been working on this functionality for a while, but it’s only started to be able to be turned on in the most recent updates.

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Specifically, in v6.61, the feature shows up in the view for a photo and simply has a chip that says “Set reminder” alongside Google Lens and other contextual shortcuts. The option appears on images that include text and dates, rather than showing up on every image in your library.

When you tap on the chip, a UI pops up that lets you set a reminder in Google Calendar that includes a link to the sourced image in Google Photos. However, at least at the moment, it doesn’t seem to be able to pull any information from the image itself. That seems like a missed opportunity, but it’s entirely possible that we could see this feature evolve a bit more between now and its actual release.

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