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The 4 best heated blankets this winter

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A heated blanket is a must-have item for this coming winter. They are game changers for cold days when you’re staying in and help you avoid having to turn up the radiator. The only con of having a heated blanket? Getting out of bed for work in the morning will be even harder.

How we chose the best heated electric blankets

We considered four heated blankets at various price points, considering customer reviews and personal experience, as well as the blankets’ heating capabilities, safety and value.

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Features we looked out for

Heat Settings and Distribution: The number of heat settings on an electric blanket is extremely important as not all cold weather is built the same, and the heat distribution will determine the best side of your bed.

Material & Comfort: Electric blankets have made many technological strides, especially regarding their comfort and washer-safe materials, so it is imperative we look for the most comfortable ones on offer.

Washable: Worried about the electric setting? We keep an eye out for machine-washable blankets only.

Image credit: Amazon

Highly rated by nearly 12,000 reviewers on Amazon and myself, the Sunbeam Royal Luxe Microplush Heated Blanket is the best overall electric blanket. It comes with two controllers for each blanket side and an amazing 12-heat setting, making it perfect for couples with differing body temperatures. The blanket is highly comfortable and cuddly, is machine washable and also has auto shut-off just in case you forget. Its only con is its thinness which impacts heat consistency, but proves easy for folding and washing.

Image credit: Walmart

At only $39.99, the 6-heat, flannel-made Maxkare Electric Heated Blanket is the best value-for-money blanket on the market. It is also a wearable blanket, perfect for pacing around the house or bundling up on the couch with during winter. Its controller is also detachable, helping you avoid accidentally rolling over it during the night. The only drawback is its size and weight which lean on the short and heavy spectrum, but otherwise, it’s a machine-washable, highly comfortable heated blanket for its price.

Image credit: Amazon

The closest you’ll get to a common polyester blanket, the Micro-Fleece Heated Blanket is superbly comfortable and heats up fairly quickly. You can barely feel the wires in the blanket, and the material wraps around you like a warm hug. The only inconvenience is its lack of auto-off function, which means you might wake up feeling overheated. For the comfort though, this might just be worth it.

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The Sherpa Electric Blanket fully justifies its $120 price tag thanks to its comfort, softness and excellent dual-sided temperature control. My parents have had this blanket for years, and it is the first thing they pull out of the closet once the weather turns cold. Its 20-heat setting is an absolute marvel, helping you adapt to any type of cold weather. It’s a bit of a hassle to wash, requiring you to wash it specifically with cold-only, gentle cycles; however, it retains comfort and softness even after multiple washes, making it the best premium electric blanket.

Why trust us?

As product reviewers, we vet each product we recommend, based on either personal experience or through verified product reviews. The above heated blankets feature a 4-star rating or higher from thousands of shoppers or were personally tried by staff members.

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