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The 40 Best Advent Calendars to Kick Off Your Christmas Countdown

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When it comes to the holidays, there are two types of people: Those who believe the Christmas season starts on November 1 (bring on the decorations!) and those who prefer to wait until after Thanksgiving to get into the holly jolly spirit. Regardless of which camp you fall into, however, there’s one holiday item you won’t want to sleep on: the best Advent calendars.

November  weekly calendar  November  weekly calendar template

Gone are the days when Advent calendars were just for chocolate (not that we’d complain about receiving one of those classics). Now, you can find an Advent calendar for just about anything. Know a Friends fanatic? (RIP Matthew Perry.) There’s an Advent calendar ($27) for that. Does your kid like to craft? You guessed it! There’s an Advent cal ($40) for that. Basically, there’s one for almost any type of person, from the wine-obsessed (try the In Good Taste cal, $140) to the nail buff (go with Olive & June’s Christmas calendar, $65). We looked at countless top-rated Advent calendars of all types to bring you 40 of the best of the best.

If you shop now, you’ll have plenty time to scroll the virtual shelves and pick the ones that’ll bring the most holiday joy to you and yours, but if you wait until December, you may not be as lucky.

Free, printable, customizable weekly calendar templates  Canva

Never bought one? All you need to know is that these countdown calendars get you hyped to celebrate, with many starting on December 1 and lasting through Christmas Day (though no judgement if you’re too impatient to wait to open each exciting window ahead of schedule).

The Top 10 Best Advent Calendars at a GlanceHow We Chose the Best Advent Calendars

Free, printable, customizable weekly calendar templates  Canva

When looking for the best Advent calendars, we considered options in a wide range of categories to suit as many interests as possible. We also took our personal experience with some of the items into account, as well as customer ratings and price points, including options for everyone from the big spender to the gal on a budget.

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Awe Inspired

Awe Inspired is one of Commerce Director Nicole Briese’s top three favorite jewelry brands, and its Advent sets are a prime example of why. With a mix of ethically sourced accessories and goddess-affirming products, the quality of the jewelry is unrivaled for the price. With this pick, you’ll get a pair of earrings, an affirmation necklace that’s worth $260 alone and a charm necklace with room for up to three pendants. It doesn’t tarnish (Briese has owned some of the company’s pieces for years), it’s gorgeous and the company’s mission to empower shines through in each and every piece. Better yet, one percent of every purchase goes back to a charity of your choice.

If you have the funds to spare, the brand is also offering a pricier, over-the-top set that includes more jewelry (four necklaces, three pendants, a bracelet and earrings, to be exact), plus a few other goodies to boot.

buy it (from $375)

Liberty London

Jewelry is highly personal, and a brand that speaks to one person may not be right for another. That’s why we love this Advent cal, which features not one, not two, but 12 different jewelry designers, for a high likelihood that the receiver of this set is going to like something inside. Styles range from the tried-and-true (there are several styles of classic gold hoops and chains) to the edgy (we’re loving the included Aligheri hand-shaped token of love necklace, $220). The only bummer is that if your giftee happens to be a silver girlie, they may not be as enthralled with these picks, which are largely comprised on 9- to 24-carat gold or gold-plated options.

buy it ($760)

Abbott Lyon

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: A personalized gift is a can’t-beat-it way of showing someone you selected something special for them and only them. This jewelry Advent calendar is customizable in several ways: You can select their birthstone for three pieces with stone accents, their initial for a signature pendant and their preference of gold vs silver. Even the box is bespoke, with the name of the recipient in gilded cursive across the front. Each of the 11 items are elegant and understated, and the company claims that the plating process means they won’t tarnish. We also like the sustainable packaging and 60 percent recycled materials. (Psst: Use code TAKE20 to get it at a discount.)

buy it ($330; $264)

Astrid & Miyu

While Astrid & Miyu is generally a favorite of the Beckhams, the Advent calendar is for a *specific* shopper. Having vetted 2022’s version, our main complaint was the inclusion of so many single-ear items (there are four), which, unless you have individual earring holes or like to mix and match your earrings, were less exciting. (If you’re building a stack, however, this will be your jam.) We also found that the daintier pieces had extremely delicate posts, which was disappointing for the price. That said, we love some of the exclusive pieces that can only be found in this set, like the moon charm crystal hoops and the cosmic dome mini hoops, and the fact that you can choose from a rhodium-plated recycled sterling silver or an 18K gold-plated recycled sterling silver.

buy it ($470)



Anyone who believes their makeup routine can’t be transformed overnight hasn’t heard of Charlotte Tilbury’s Advent calendar. Within 12 days, they’ll uncover ten miniature products and two full-sized ones to take their beauty game to the next level. You’ll spot some TikTok favorites in this set, from the brand’s beloved setting spray to the Beauty Light Wand ($42) that has sold out multiple times. It’s a great way to test out a pricier brand to find out which items you like best (we’re big fans of the mascara), and if you’re buying it for yourself, you’ll save $69.

Buy It ($210)


The holidays can get stressful, which is why this 3D Advent calendar is pure genius. Set the 3D display up (like a real Christmas tree, it’s got working lights) and for the 24 days ahead of Christmas, you can treat yourself or someone special to a beautifully wrapped bath product, candle, fragrance stick or other calm-inducing indulgences. By the big day, you should be feeling good and zen.

Buy IT ($125; $100)


Beauty Advent calendars are the new chocolate Advents: They’re everywhere, and it’s hard to know the quality you’re going to get until you’ve already committed and have started popping those windows open. You won’t find many that give you more bang for your buck than this Bloomingdale’s option, however. A luxurious mix of makeup (hello, Estée Lauder, YS and Valentino), skincare (LaPrairie and Augustinus Bader, anyone?) fragrance and candles, this 25-day set actually contains 31 items for more than $800 worth of product. And if the killer selection inside wasn’t enough, the box itself is display-worthy, with an iconic print inspired by the flagship store.

Buy IT ($300)


For a more affordable option, there’s this beauty calendar from Revolution. Since it’s not considered a luxury brand, you’ll get more for your money: Most of the 25 items that are included are full-sized. And sure, a few are on the more inexpensive side, but the remainder of the assortment makes up for it. The packaging is fully Barbiecore, too, making for an eye-catching package whether or not you choose to wrap it,

buy it ($50)


From the brand Kate Middleton trusted on her wedding day (it’s Bobbi Brown, ICYMI), comes this ornament-shaped Advent calendar complete with everything you’ll need for a holiday glow. It’s got three full-sized products (a good amount for a 12-product calendar) and even includes some of the products Middleton used before she walked down the aisle, like the miniature Shimmer Brick (the princess used Pink Quartz) and a lip color (Middleton’s was Sandwash Pink). Throw in the fact that it’s all packaged in one of the cooler displays on our list, and we’re officially sold.

Buy IT ($180)

Olive & June

Our favorite nail care brand delights us with its Advent calendar year after year, and we’re thrilled that it’s back for 2023. Yes, we’re talking about Olive & June, and for 25 days after its arrival (and beyond), your nails will look poppin’. This is all thanks to the six cheerful polishes, hand and nail treatments (think cuticle serums, nail strengthener, the works) and more items you’ll uncover daily. We’ve gotta warn you, though: You will be tempted to open them all from the jump.

Buy IT ($65)

Leave it to Saks to put out an Advent calendar so luxurious, it houses Gucci, Maison Francis Kurkdjian and Augustinus Bader all in one box. The total value of the items found within are worth more than double the price, and the brands are all top-notch. While we do wish there were a few full-size items in the bunch, the miniatures found in each day’s boxes should still plenty big enough to put a smile on your recipient’s face.

buy it ($225)



We know, we know: This one’s a real splurge. But for a Disney lover, there’s no better Advent calendar around. Not only does this extravagant set commemorate the brand’s 100th anniversary, it’ll give you the sparkliest Christmas tree on the block with the 22 colorful and exclusive Swarovski crystal Disney ornaments that are packed inside. (You’ll also get two necklaces (!) and a set of stickers.) Basically, it’s a once in a lifetime purchase for fans of the house of mouse—and holiday elegance.

buy it ($1,300)


This Advent calendar arrives completely empty, so you can put whatever treats you want your family to find inside. Reviewers say the square boxes are just the right size for candy, though you can get as creative as you’d like. It’s also made of a real, sturdy wood, so you can use it year after year. Wrote one happy buyer: “This is, by far, the cutest Advent calendar I’ve ever seen and I know a lot about Advent calendars, since I’m from Europe. It has a small footprint and oh so much charming detail. If you like the farmhouse style and don’t like clutter, this is the advent calendar for you.”

buy it ($58)


There’s no better way to unwind at the end of a long day than with a warm, delightful-smelling candle, and this Advent calendar has 12 of them from Voluspa. Each of the signature scents comes in a beautiful glass jar you’ll want to reuse. There’s even a gold-tone wick trimmer, so you can keep your them burning evenly throughout the season. While the candles aren’t full-size, the company claims each one burns for 15 hours at a time, so they should last a good long while, too.

buy it ($158)

Food and Drink


Know a die-hard Nespresso stan? This calendar will be a slam dunk. It’s got 24 pods for their Vertuo coffee maker in both regular and seasonal flavors for a festive boost of caffeine that will get each day off to an energized start. They can sip their flavorful brew in the included limited-edition mug, and the pods themselves are recyclable. While these won’t work with a Keurig, we highly encourage making the Nespresso switch—once you get used to that sweet, sweet coffee crema this machine produces, you’ll never go back.

buy it ($55)

In Good Taste

If this holiday season has you staying local instead of traveling the world, this Advent calendar will let you experience flavors inspired by cultures around the globe from your cozy couch. Its white, red and rosé varietals come from countries all over (we’re talking everywhere from France and Spain to Portugal and California), giving you a culinary trip within each bottle. (Actually, make that each quarter of a bottle, since that’s how much is inside each one.) If you’re extra nice, you can share a glass or two with your favorite wine-drinking pal, or pick them up an extra one of their own.

buy it ($140)


When in doubt, you can always rely on Godiva. With a mix of milk, dark and white chocolate decorated with caramel, ganache and praliné inside, this calendar caters to just about every type of sweet tooth there is. You’ll also get the chance to have a second of your favorite, since there are 12 types of chocolates and 24 windows, meaning there are doubles of each. Some 2022 reviews noted missing chocolates in some of the windows, but it’s a new year and a new box, and we think Godiva’s worth the gamble.

$45; $31 at amazon

Onyx Coffee Lab

For the coffee purist who swear by whole beans comes this gorgeously packaged Onyx Coffee Lab pick. Designed like a rolodex, it makes for a super cool display and each of its 24 slots contains a bag of coffee from a different origin, producer and terroir. They will need a grinder ($60) to enjoy each bag, since they’re all of the whole bean variety, but the flavor will be unrivaled, according to most coffee connoisseurs. Buyers say you also get a good amount of java per day.

buy it ($189)

Give Them Beer

This one’s all in the name. Whether your giftee loves stouts, IPAs or pale ales or they’re an equal opportunity beer drinker who loves to try new things, this calendar, which features 12 craft brews from around the country, will be right up their alley. The cost is higher than your average six-packs and the exact beer offerings are a mystery, but we like to think the anticipation makes it all worthwhile.

buy it ($85)


From the extra drink or two (or three…) to the salty snacks, the holidays can be a time of…dehydration. This Advent calendar set will keep their H20 intake flowing all month long, since it’s full of drops that will make their agua more flavorful. Between the included large Advent calendar, which retails for $190 on its own, and the small calendar, they’ll have 35 windows to open ahead of Advent. The bigger version is stuffed with both signature miniature water enhancers from the brand and high-end reusable accessories, like a limited-edition water bottle, to keep the hydration going long after the last cube is sipped, and the mini version focuses on drink enhancers that you can either keep or give to a pal who needs a boost.

buy it ($217; $200)

Harry & David

Whether you’re in the mood for something sweet or savory to munch on, this Advent calendar will have what you’re craving.  Full of flavored popcorn, holiday cookies and yes, even a summer sausage, it’s essentially a snackers’ dream. While it’s on the pricier side for a food calendar, it’s bursting with seasonal treats, and reviewers say they’re “large portions” that are big “enough to share with the family,” so we think it’s worth the price.

buy it ($200)


If they like to end their day with a Netflix show and a glass of whiskey in hand, then this box will be right up their alley. Not only will it supply them with 24 top-shelf samples of the stuff from eight different countries, Flaviar will keep the party going for a full year afterwards with a free one-year black membership ($40), which allows for early access to tasting boxes, discounts of up to 40 percent and free shipping on select items. The calendar itself also contains a sipping glass, a leather coaster and a tasting journal to allow for a true connoisseur’s experience.

buy it ($250; $220)


There’s nothing like curling up by the fire with a rich cup of hot cocoa, and this Advent calendar from Williams-Sonoma means you’ll get 12 different flavors to try—all with marshmallows, of course. Each packet is Dutch-processed, which means the cocoa beans have been washed with a solution that makes them less acidic and gives them a smoother yet slightly more mild flavor according to Taste of Home. Expect seasonal delights, like salted caramel and peppermint, along with your classic milk and dark chocolate. Want to enjoy one for the whole month of December? Buy the two-pack for $100!

buy it (From $50)


If you’re the type who likes to do things to excess, allow us to introduce you to the Vintage Wine Estates Advent calendar. Unlike most Advent clanedars, which give you teeny tiny samples of wine, this baby features 12 half-sized bottles to enjoy alone or with a friend. You’re able to choose red or a mix of reds and whites (the all-white assortment has already sold out), and each one features included tasting notes to guide you through your sampling. This package ships ground only, however, so it’s good to get a head start on ordering if you’re looking to sample these during the holidays—particularly since this one is going fast.

buy it ($106)

Sips By

We came for the tea and but are staying for the adorable, reusable calendar. Each day contains enough loose-leaf tea to brew a full pot (perfect for sharing with holiday guests) and the reusable calendar can be folded up for storage to celebrate seasons to come. It can also be cleverly transformed into a clutch to take your stash on house calls. As an added bonus, there’s an adorable Christmas tree tea infuser ($12) that you can use year-round to keep the spirit alive.

buy it (From $75)


For those with a hankering for something other than chocolate, there’s this this candy-filled Advent calendar from Sugarfina. The Santa’s workshop design leaves room for 25 of the brand’s unique candies—think chocolate-covered cookie dough bites, snowman gummies, sprinkle donut cookies and more. Once you’ve emptied each cube, you can add it to Santa’s workshop display, allowing for a fun element of decor, too. Note that nuts may be included in some of the items, so it’s one to avoid if you or a giftee has an allergy.

buy it ($55)


Whether you tend to indulge around the holidays or prefer to partake in mocktails, these mixers will provide the base for 12 drinkable delights. They’re meant to be used with the brand’s cocktail maker, but they come alcohol-free, so you can reach for the seltzer instead if your liver needs a break. We also like that six brand new flavors are included, so even those who regularly order these pods will find something new. They do all err on the sweeter side, but for those who love a sugary cocktail without the headache in the morning, this set will scratch the itch.

buy it ($35)



Whether you’re buying this for a Kirsten or a Samantha, American Girl doll lovers are sure to adore this set of adorable doll-sized houseware and cooking accessories. Focused around holiday baking, it’s got all the cookie cutters, rolling pins, baking sheets and more that their miniature bestie will need to make pretend holiday cookies while you have some real ones baking in the oven for Santa.

$50 at amazon


For kids who love to create Lego worlds year-round, this holiday adaptation of the crowd-pleasing toy will keep their excitement at a high all month long. With seasonal twists on recognizable characters, like carolers, Mr. and Mrs. Claus and their adorable pets, their new Lego set is full of new friends. The back of the calendar even folds out to create a play mat. Overall, it has close to a 5-star review from parents, who say it’s worth it just for the extra builds. “I bought the set just for more winter-themed mini figures. A lot more enjoyable than I expected, the builds were quick and easy but fun,” one fan wrote, adding, “Some cute detailed pieces. Recommend for any Lego fan.”

buy it ($35; $26)


Storytime will be more exciting than ever thanks to this 24-book Advent calendar celebrating 100 years of Disney. You’ll get 24 paperback books appropriate for kids as young as 3 in a mix of classics and special Christmas-themed stories. Characters range from Dumbo to Wall-E, so both Disney and Pixar fans will be satisfied, and it helps to create special moments between parents and kids throughout the month. Each book is 24 pages long, and the paper is mostly recycled.

buy it ($36; $29)


If you’re a puzzle junkie, an art lover or both, this Advent calendar will keep you entertained through many a long winters’ night. It comees with 12 full 80-piece puzzles printed with Andy Warhol’s whimsical holiday prints plus an image of each if you need a little help finding the right centerpiece. We also love that the puzzles are printed on primarily recycled materials, so you can feel good about the impact (or lack thereof) on the environment while you have fun bringing these Christmas pictures to life.

buy it ($27)

Kids Crafts

Our favorite Advent calendar for kids not only gives them something to look forward to each day, it helps to give them skillsets that will go far beyond Christmas. That’s because it’s packed with everything they’ll need to make 25 felt Christmas ornaments to decorate the tree (no glue or sewing required), teaching them crafting skills while also keeping them entertained. Better yet, the lid of the box features a word find and a word scramble for some extra fun. If you’re looking for more of a traditional calendar setup, however, this may not be for you.

buy it ($40)



Yes, dog Advent calendars are a thing, and you and your furry friend can spend 24 days opening each numbered door together, revealing all-natural, gluten- and lactose-free cheese, bacon, chicken and peanut butter-flavored treats. The brand claims they’ll even improve your pup’s dental health. Dogs certainly seem to love them, with one pup parent writing, “There are tons of different types of treats in here, so it was great to use to figure out what kind of treats my dog likes. They’re kind of big, so I had to cut them up into smaller pieces for my dog (3 pounds), but he really liked them!”

buy it ($22; $20)


If you’re looking to give joy in the bedroom, this calendar includes an internet sensation rose vibrator that’s famed for its otherworldly stimulation, as well as 11 other toys and treats that’ll knock you (and your significant other’s) socks off. The rose alone is worth $50, so you’ll be getting plenty of bang for your buck, and the bullet vibrator works interchangeably with the G-spot dildo and the beads for an extra powerful punch.

buy it ($241; $119)


We may have just lost one of our favorite Friends, but the show lives on to provide joy and laughter throughout the Christmas season and beyond. If you know someone who has it on repeat, this Advent calendar will give them additional smiles with each window opened. While the items are on the inexpensive side (think tiny ornaments reading “You’re the Joey to my Chandler”), consisting largely of paper goods and small trinkets, its low cost means you can feel good about buying one for you and each and every one of your own friends.

$27 at amazon

FreshCut Paper

If you want to engage your children in the holiday countdown with something a little less…chocolatey, this beautifully designed paper winter wonderland calendar will get them excited about each day’s surprise. Each square reveals a different woodland creature sticker that they can place anywhere inside the foldable winter scene their little hands desire. It’s perfect for displaying on a mantlepiece or countertop, and the set also comes with a blank holiday card. (If you plan on gifting this sweet scene, you can add a customized message for an additional charge.)

buy it (From $24)

Pottery Barn

If you’re looking for a fully customizable Advent calendar you can reuse year after year, you can’t get more festive than this nostalgic option. Inspired by Clark Griswold’s love of holiday lights in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, it’s durably constructed and lit with LED lights that make each window glow and backlight the tiny treats you choose to place within. You’ll have to find and place the gifts in the windows yourself, but we see this as an opportunity to make it entirely your own. It also means this calendar will be reusable year after year.

buy it ($99)

Williams Sonoma

We get it: Between stacked social calendars and family obligations, you may need a moment to recharge. Why not take ten with this mystical calendar that’s designed to reset your energy and intentions? Collectively, its beautiful Brazilian-sourced crystals are meant to energize and balance, provide strength and motivation and fight stress. They’re pretty enough to display as well, so you’ll be getting some chic decor and healing all in one.

Buy it ($100)

Sips By

If your family is more Hanukkah bush than Christmas tree, you can still get in on the Advent fun with this interactive DIY Hanukkah calendar. Comprised of a cute pom pom rope with attached Hanukkah illustrations in shades of cream and soft blue, it’s stuffed with eight certified-kosher teas for a cup a night while you light the candles of the menorah. They can all be brewed in the included silver heart infuser, too.

buy it ($32)

Happy Socks

We all know someone who loves to show off their socks of the day with fun novelty prints. Now, they won’t have to wait for laundry day to pull out their favorite ones. This Advent calendar comes with 24 adorable and high-quality pairs, each one with a reinforced heel and toe. The company is seriously committed to sustainability efforts, so your purchase will be a kinder one to the environment, and there are even more prints to choose from here.

buy it ($260)

What Is an Advent Calendar?

Advent calendars have roots that date back to the 19th century. According to a deep dive by NPR, the first printed Advent calendar was produced in Germany in the 1900s, with chocolate finding its way behind those distinctive doors in the 1950s. Since then, the versions have become endless, with as many options as there are categories of shoppable goodies.

What Are the Best Advent Calendars for 2023?

The best Advent calendars for 2023 will vary by your recipient’s interests, but for the most part, they should hit the marks of variety and value. You should look for calendars that are reputed to be worth more than the sticker price (check out the value bullet on our list versus the cost) and include a worthwhile surprise each day.

How Much Does an Advent Calendar Cost?

The price of an Advent calendar depends on the products it houses and can vary widely—the ones we’ve chosen range from $20 to $1,300. Prices generally start around $30 for a basic chocolate version you can buy at your local drugstore, but can range much higher when talking about luxury beauty or jewelry. The good news is that there’s an Advent calendar here at almost every price point, so you won’t need to miss out if the pricier ones are out of your budget.

How Long Is Advent?

Per NPR, “The four-week period begins on the Sunday closest to the feast day of St. Andrew the Apostle (Nov. 30) and lasts for the next three Sundays.” Advent calendars, however, generally start on December 1 and run through Christmas Eve or Christmas Day for consistency from year to year. Not all calendars cover the entire 25 days though, so look at the number of items on our list to decide what best suits your needs.

The 20 Best Beauty Advent Calendars for a Little Surprise and Delight This Holiday

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