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The Forgotten Revolt? EDSA Revolution and the 2024 Holiday Calendar

As we eagerly approach the year 2024, a sense of anticipation fills the air. It is a year that carries political significance, as it marks the 38th anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution, a monumental event in the Philippines’ history. However, the absence of this revolution in the 2024 calendar of holidays is a glaring oversight that deserves our attention and reflection.

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The EDSA Revolution: A Triumph of Democracy

The EDSA People Power Revolution in 1986 was a watershed moment in the Philippines. It was a display of courage, unity, and determination, as millions of Filipinos came together to peacefully overthrow an authoritarian regime. The EDSA Revolution stood as a testament to the Filipino people’s unwavering commitment to democracy, human rights, and justice. This historic event resonated far beyond the Philippines, inspiring others around the world who yearned for freedom and democracy.

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The Importance of Commemoration

Commemorating historic events like the EDSA Revolution is not merely about remembering the past, but about recognizing their enduring significance. It serves as a reminder of the values and principles that Filipinos hold dear: democracy, freedom, human rights, and the power of peaceful resistance. By commemorating these events through national holidays, we acknowledge their role in shaping our national identity and our commitment to upholding these values.

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The Missing Link in the 2024 Holiday Calendar

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It is disheartening to see that the 2024 holiday calendar does not include a day to honor the EDSA Revolution. While we celebrate the heroes who fought for our independence and other key milestones in our history, the absence of a specific day for the EDSA Revolution seems unjust. The EDSA Revolution is not just another historical event; it is the very embodiment of Filipinos’ collective strength in the face of tyranny.

The message this omission sends is concerning. It implies that the significance of the EDSA Revolution is fading into oblivion, overshadowed by other events. Such oversight downplays the importance of unity, peaceful resistance, and democracy in the fabric of our nation’s identity.

Rediscovering Our Shared Values

By reintroducing the EDSA Revolution into our national calendar, we not only pay tribute to the heroes of that era but also reaffirm our commitment to the democratic principles they upheld. We remind the younger generation of the sacrifices made and the ideals worth defending. This commemoration could be an annual opportunity for education and reflection, ensuring that the lessons of EDSA are passed on to the next generations.


The EDSA People Power Revolution is a defining chapter in the Philippines’ history, a moment when the nation came together to fight for democracy and freedom. As we approach the 38th anniversary in 2024, it is time to recognize the importance of this event by including it in our holiday calendar. Doing so is not just about acknowledging the past; it is about recommitting ourselves to the values that the EDSA Revolution represents. Let us ensure that we remember, celebrate, and uphold the legacy of EDSA for the sake of our nation’s future.