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Virginia State Employee Pay Calendar

Pay Dates and Holidays Pay Dates

William & Mary uses a semi-monthly payroll calendar. Employees receive 24 paychecks in a calendar year (two times per month). Pay days are usually the 1st and 16th of each month. When paydays fall on weekends or holidays, direct deposits are generally made the last workday before the regular pay date. Employees who have yet to sign up for direct deposit will receive checks in the mail, which are typically mailed the day before the pay date. Access the 2024 Pay and Holiday Calendar for specific details.

June  Revised Pay and Holiday Calendar
June Revised Pay and Holiday Calendar

Holiday Leave

Full-time, benefit-eligible, employees receive the following 13 paid holidays:

State Payroll   Payroll Calendar
State Payroll Payroll Calendar

New Year’s Day Martin Luther King Jr. Day George Washington Day Memorial Day Juneteenth Independence Day Labor Day Columbus Day Election Day Veterans Day Thanksgiving Day Day after Thanksgiving Christmas Day

The Provost office publishes our annual W&M holiday schedule for the university. The three state holidays noted by with asterisks (George Washington Day, Columbus Day and Veterans Day) shift to the winter break (Christmas through New Year’s) and enable the university to close during that extended period. Essential personnel may be required to work during these times.

This leave is non-cumulative and no severance payments are made with respect to unused holiday leave.

Part-time, benefit-eligible employees receive five floating holidays to be used at their discretion.