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Union Township terminates ambulance service

Residents in Union Township are concerned about wait times if they need an ambulance or EMS service.

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On Wednesday Union-North ambulance service announced that Union township terminated its service to the area, saying the choice leaves the ambulance service only one ambulance to respond to calls in North Township with.

Union township says that this dispute started as North township was unwilling to engage in long term discussions surrounding the coverage provided by the U.N.A.S. and feel that discussions North township have had regarding a new fire territory have cut Union township out of the equation.

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“They could have worked on a long term solution without Union being part of the fire territory where we still had some EMS agreements. But as I said, they wouldn’t talk past 2024 because if they get their fire territory it seems they have no interest in partnering with the Union anymore,” Marcel Ledbin, the Union township attorney said.

In a statement released by North township trustee Emily Haskins says in part quote

“U.N.A.S. is a private service that North Township contracts with to operate the jointly-owned ambulances to provide services to the residents of North Township. North Township does not have any authority over any agreements or contracts that UNAS negotiates with any other Township or entity.”

John Lamkpins, the U.N.A.S. chief says that as the negotiations continue, the ambulance service will continue, and it is up to the townships to decide the areas U.N.A.S. will provide service to.

“It’s up to either township to contract with the ambulance service, even if they choose not to, we’ll still remain an organization. We just don’t know, you know, where we will be. It just depends on how things shake out with either township,” Lampkins said.

Chief Lamkpins confirmed that South Bend will respond to calls in Union township but UNAS will respond to calls in the North township area.

Union saying they hope to have ambulance services available in the coming week as they work to get the ambulance certified by the state.