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Mother Sues Tulsa Public Schools After Daughters’ Beating At East Central Middle School In 2022

A woman is suing Tulsa Public Schools after she says her daughter was attacked in the hallway between classes at East Central Middle School in 2022.

Parent Meeting: Going Back to School -
Parent Meeting: Going Back to School –

She said the school should have done more to protect her child.

Mica Montgomery says her daughter is smart, soft-spoken and gets along with everyone.

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Tulsa Public School Holiday Calendar – in PDF

The attack was caught on video, and it’s hard to see.

This video shows the moments two classmates attack Mica Montgomery’s daughter, who at the time was a seventh-grader at East Central Middle School.

The students knock her daughter down and they start hitting her repeatedly in the face.

Montgomery says she got a call from the school after the fight and raced to the campus.

“My baby is just covered in dry blood from head to toe, no ice pack, nobody’s talking to her and the lights are off,” Montgomery said. “She’s just sitting in this dark room with dry blood and I’m like, excuse me, what is this?”

The lawsuit was filed this week.

It says it started when a separate student took a controller from a classmate’s backpack and broke it.

It says the assistant principal asked the victim who did it and the victim told.

Documents said the student who got into trouble and friends then attacked the victim in between classes.

Montgomery says she took her daughter to the emergency room that day.

“She did have a concussion, they did want to do scans on her nose, jaw and head,” Montgomery said.

The lawsuit says the assistant principal placed Montgomery’s daughter in danger and the district failed to properly train its staff.

Montgomery says she moved her daughter to a new school and she’s suing to make a statement about bullying.

“They need to know it’s not OK, not cool, not going to fly,” Montgomery said “Nobody needs to be fighting each other, we need to teach unity to these kids and how we can work together.”

Tulsa Public Schools says it cannot comment on legal matters, but in a statement, it said in part,

“We take student and school safety seriously. We have high expectations for our students and that includes finding safe and productive ways to navigate disagreements. We do not tolerate the behavior that jeopardizes the health and safety of our school communities…”