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The Year 2024 Predictions

These are the popular baby name predictions for 2024, according to an expert

Nameberry, the longtime go-to hub for all things baby naming, has released its anticipated 2024 trend predictions. The Internet has plenty to say about it. Colleen at TikTok’s namingbaby gives parents-to-be some thoughts on that Nameberry list, explaining just what a sad boy name is, and whether grandma Hazel really wants her grandbaby named after her (spoiler alert: she doesn’t, at least not this year). She is a must-watch for anyone having a baby soon, trying to convince their pregnant bestie to use their favorite baby name, or those who like her “started thinking about baby names 25 years ago.”

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Girl names for boys

People are becoming more open to gender-neutral names, but name predictors don’t see this trend “taking off” for another decade or two, “when people who are teenagers now start naming children.” She points to names like Harlow, Rowan, Blair, Finley, Parker, and even Noah. Though traditionally “boy names” were adopted as “girl names” now everything’s becoming more fluid. She predicts “Izzy” might have a moment, thanks to Love is Blind.


“Sad boy names” are on the rise

Think Eeyore vibes — sweet and sensitive boy names are hot, she predicts. “Sad boy names are in…like August.”

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“Feminine” feminist names

No longer does a feminist name have to sound gender neutral — NameBerry points to the Barbie phenomenon for the surge in popularity in those “girlie” names that still feel powerful. Think Dorothea or Lavender, they say.

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Naming a human, not a baby

The thing about babies is (sadly) they grow up. Hence the saying, “Name the adult, not the baby.” They point to examples like “Mars” in the trend to name people that will control the boardroom, not just the playroom.

But here’s the thing — parents everywhere take note. You can love whatever name feels right for you, regardless of whether NameBerry has deemed it “trending” this year…because as we all know, it will all change next year anyway.