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Is ‘Ted Lasso’ Actually Ending, or Is It Coming Back for Season 4? Here’s What We Know

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After the season finale of Ted Lasso season 3, there was one question on everyone’s mind: Is this the end of the series? Well, it seems like for most shows, this would be a much easier question to answer. But when it comes to a project like Ted Lasso, things are obviously a lot more complicated, just like some of Ted’s funny references. But don’t worry, we’ve channeled our inner Trent Crimm and tried to get some answers to our most burning questions.

Here’s everything you need to know about Ted Lasso season 4.

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So, is it happening?!

Here’s what we know: Several cast members (mostly cocreator and Ted himself Jason Sudeikis) have come out and said this is the end, but Apple has yet to say anything about its fate. In fact, it actually didn’t even say the words “final season” in any of its promo for season 3. Which, in our TV expert opinion, is kind of weird. So let’s just say…maybe??

Apple TV+ / Colin Hutton

Wait, why maybe?

Before season 3 wrapped, some cast members spoke about possible spin-offs, so there’s a chance that we do see them again, just not in Ted Lasso. And then you have Brett Goldstein, who had a truly wild idea for what could happen next:

“The problem is that in season 3, five of the main characters die, so my plan for season 4 is Ted comes back as a ghost and it’s called Ghost Ted. He’s haunting the corridors, but he’s just trying to inspire,” he told Variety back in March 2023. “Some people don’t believe in ghosts, and that’s the journey the team goes on is eventually believing in ghosts.…Jason says he’s only thinking about it.”

Not gonna lie, we’d totally tune in to that.

Nick Mohammed may have dropped a season 4 hint…

Despite there being no official news on a Ted Lasso season 4 renewal, actor Nick Mohammed totally may have unintentionally dropped a major hint back in November 2023 that we’re still reeling over.


What would happen in season 4?

Prior to the release of season 3, we already knew that Richmond was trying to leave its mark in the Premier League after it got promoted back up to the big league. But then there was also Nate, who seemed dead set on taking Richmond (and Ted) down with the help of his new boss/the worst person in the world Rupert. There were also some new couples that started to get together, some old couples who were trying to figure everything out, and tons and tons of funny moments in between. Basically, we don’t know what would happen, but what we can definitely bet on some more soccer football.


When would season 4 come out?

That’s a very good question! Apple TV+ is not one to rush shows, especially bigger titles like Ted Lasso that seem to do well on their own timing. Each season takes time, so it’ll probably be a good wait until it comes back. But as we’ve seen in the past, it’s always worth the wait!

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