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What to expect from Black Friday Lego deals 2024

No matter whether you want to build up your collection or secure some presents ahead of the Holiday season, the annual Black Friday Lego deals are your best chance. These offers are almost always better than anything we see for the rest of the year.

LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar  - Jay
LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar – Jay’s Brick Blog

Yes, we know – the sale is better known for its tech discounts. But you can get some top-tier savings on toys as well. Besides allowing you to get the best Lego sets for a fraction of their normal price, you can find plenty of gift-worthy kits for so much less than usual. With Christmas following shortly after Black Friday Lego deals wind down, that’s not to be sniffed at.

To help you save time as well as money, you’ll find our advice on how to take advantage of Black Friday Lego deals below. Besides filling you in on where you’ll find the best discounts, we’ve got some tips on which sets are ones to watch this year.


Black Friday Lego deals: FAQ

(Image credit: Future)When will Black Friday Lego deals start?

The year’s biggest sales event always takes place after Thanksgiving and on the final Friday of November, so we can expect 2024’s offers to occur on November 29.

However, even though the best Black Friday Lego deals will be reserved for that 24-hour period, the savings won’t be limited to that one day. Instead, discounts began much earlier and will likely continue into the following week, at which point they become Cyber Monday reductions. That means you’ve got a pretty big window in which to nab a bargain.

Where will the best Black Friday Lego deals be?

While the usual suspects like Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy are sure to go all in on Black Friday Lego deals this year (as per usual), there are plenty of alternatives worth considering as well. As an example, it’s worth watching out for the official Lego site too. We’ve seen some fairly generous discounts across its range before, and a very healthy 20% was knocked off many sets in Black Fridays past. Seeing as it features some exclusive items you won’t find anywhere else, bearing it in mind this November is a must.

Supermarkets are also a great place to go deals-hunting, and some of their offers are better than anything else you’ll see. UK shops in particular get some excellent Black Friday Lego deals; Aldi sliced a whopping 60% off the Millennium Falcon a little while back. Have a look online or in person for the 2024 sales in case we get more hot discounts.

Otherwise, keep an eye on the following:

USA- Amazon: Traditionally the best all-rounder for Lego deals- Lego: Has offered discounts of up to 20% in the past- Zavvi: Surprisingly good cuts on fan-favorites- Best Buy: Usually provides a great variety of savings- Walmart: Discounts on Technic, Harry Potter, Classic, and more

UK- Amazon: A great Lego all-rounder during Black Friday- Lego: Known to give discounts of up to 20%- Zavvi: Great reductions on fan-favorite sets- Very: Reliable source of offers on bigger sets- Argos: Excellent for savings on sets like Lego Mario- John Lewis: There’s less choice, but the Lego discounts are still good

What does Black Friday mean for Lego fans?

While Black Friday is better known for its tech discounts, you can get some really cracking offers on Lego during the event. In fact, some of the year’s best prices are found during this November sales extravaganza. 

In a nutshell, that is what Black Friday means for Lego fans – the chance to save record amounts on sets that rarely get a reduction. We’ve seen that happen over and over again in years gone by, so 2024 shouldn’t be any different. For example, the highly sought-after Rivendell kit dropped to its lowest ever price for a limited time last year, and proved to be the best opportunity to save on the set we’ve seen before or since.

What to expect

(Image credit: Future, Lego)

There are always plenty of offers flying around in November, and you can save on everything from cheap kits to the most expensive sets. However, it’s the latter that make up the most eye-catching offers. This is easily the best time to buy something like Lego Rivendell, as premium builds rarely drop so low in price at any other time of year. Seeing as they normally weigh in at several hundred dollars or pounds, that’s one hell of an opportunity.

In terms of specific ranges, the most popular Black Friday Lego deals belong to a galaxy far, far away. Lego and Star Wars have been partners in crime for decades (since 1999 and the days of The Phantom Menace, in fact) and their kits were popular from day one. That means any discounts are hot stuff. As an example, ‘Lego Star Wars’ and ‘Lego Millennium Falcon’ are some of the most searched Black Friday terms according to our keyword research. And honestly, that buzz is understandable; just before Black Friday last year, the Lego UCS Millennium Falcon enjoyed the best discount it’s had in the UK for years. Similarly, a wealth of mid-range ships were slashed to their lowest rates during the sale itself. With that in mind, anyone on the hunt for the best Lego Star Wars sets should be on high alert in November… particularly now that we know a new Lego Millennium Falcon is on the way, and it’s much cheaper.

It’s always worth waiting until Black Friday if you want Lego advent calendars

What exactly should you expect, though? Along with the aforementioned Falcon (which should have been out long enough to enjoy a saving), smaller starfighter playsets like Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing and the TIE range are practically guaranteed a price cut – they get one every year. Similarly, reductions on the Star Wars ‘helmets’ range are also very likely, as are last year’s biggest launches like the Venator or Lego UCS X-Wing – they’ll have enough time under their belts to qualify.

Harry Potter is next up in terms of value. It tends to be close behind Star Wars for breadth and depth of price cuts, and the entire range gets slashed at the end of November. As far as specifics go, we’d guess that the new Lego Hogwarts Castle and Grounds will lead the charge once again. It’ll have been on shelves for a while, and anything that’s been kicking around for months is fair game where discounts are concerned. Equally, the Lego Gringotts Bank is another prime candidate seeing as it skipped the savings last year. That’s what happened with the new Hogwarts Express in 2023.

That isn’t to say non-IP brands will get left behind, of course. City, Classic, Ideas, Icons, Technic, and the rest always receive plenty of savings too, and we’d anticipate new additions to the ever gift-worthy flowers range (like the roses) getting slashed. 

Finally, it’s always worth waiting until Black Friday if you want Lego advent calendars. These hit all-time low prices during the 2023 November sale, so keep that in mind for 2024. Just be aware that stock becomes increasingly sparse as we near December, however, so don’t hang about for too long.

Last year’s best Black Friday Lego dealsUK deals

Naturally, Black Friday Lego deals aren’t the only worthwhile offers this November. We can also expect some cracking Black Friday board game deals, not to mention D&D Black Friday deals.