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OSMOSUN: 2024 financial calendar

Chartres, 26/10/2023 – OSMOSUN®, a leading provider of solar-powered seawater and brackish water desalination solutions, today announces its financial communication agenda for 2024. (ISIN code: FR001400IUV6 – Mnemonic: ALWTR)

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2023 annual revenue: 26 March 20242023 annuel results: 23 April 20242024 half-year revenue: 24 September 20242024 half-year results: 29 October 2024

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This calendar of publication dates is for reference only and is subject to change if necessary. Each publication will be released after Euronext Paris market closing, except other indication.

Next publication: FY 2023 revenues, 26 March 2024 after market close


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Founded in 2014, OSMOSUN®’s ambition is to become a leading player in the low-carbon water market in order to make drinking water accessible to all.

OSMOSUN® has developed a unique, patented, cost-effective, clean and sustainable solution for solar-powered battery-free seawater and brackish water desalination. This innovation makes OSMOSUN® units among the most energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions in the world. The water production capacities of its units range from 1 m3 to 50,000 m3 per day.

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At 31 December 2022, 59 desalination units have been sold in 27 countries.

In 2022, the Group generated revenues of €4.6 million.

More information: OSMOSUN® | Create water where life is

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