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Best Advent Calendars to Get in the Spirit

Advent calendars have long been a festive staple to count down the days leading up to Christmas, each one offering a daily surprise that builds anticipation for the holiday. From traditional chocolate treats to novelty options filled with beauty products, toys, or gourmet foods, there is an advent calendar for every interest and age group. Below are some of the best advent calendars to get you into the holiday spirit.


Chocolate Advent Calendars

Nothing quite says Christmas like the sweet taste of chocolate. Many chocolate brands offer their own versions of the advent calendar, with small pieces of milk, dark, or white chocolate hidden behind each door. For a luxury option, consider chocolatiers like Godiva or Hotel Chocolat, which provide high-quality and decadently rich chocolate experiences.


Beauty Advent Calendars

For those who delight in cosmetics and skincare, beauty advent calendars are a perfect treat. These calendars can include a range of products from lipsticks and eyeshadows to face masks and moisturizers. Brands like The Body Shop and L’Occitane are known for their beautifully curated advent calendars that provide a pampering journey through December.

Toy Advent Calendars

Toy advent calendars are fantastic for children eagerly awaiting Christmas morning. LEGO offers several themed options that build up to create a final set, while Playmobil’s advent calendars tell a story with each day’s toy contributing to a larger scene. These interactive calendars are not only fun but also keep children engaged throughout the holiday season.

Tea & Coffee Advent Calendars

For those chilly December mornings, what could be better than a hot cup of tea or coffee from an advent calendar? Specialty stores often offer a variety of blends and flavors that allow you to discover new favorites as each day passes. Whether it’s exotic teas or gourmet coffee beans, these advent calendars are perfect for warming the heart and soul.

Gourmet Food Advent Calendars

Foodies rejoice—there are even advent calendars designed with your refined palate in mind! From cheese assortments to spicy sauce collections, these gastronomic delights offer an exciting taste experience in the lead-up to Christmas dinner.

When selecting an advent calendar, consider your personal preferences or those of the person you’re buying it for. It’s a unique way to enjoy the season and celebrate each day leading up to Christmas with excitement and joy!