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List Of Bank Holidays 2024

Are Banks Open Today? Full List Of US Holidays 2023

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If you’re planning to handle your personal finances on a holiday, you might be surprised to find your bank is closed. Many banks observe federal holidays just as you do, so here’s a comprehensive list of traditional bank holidays and information about when banks are open to help you in 2023.

What National Holidays Are Also Bank Holidays?

Federal Holidays

National holidays are those commonly celebrated throughout the country, while a federal holiday is one recognized by the government. In the U.S., certain institutions—such as banks, post offices, government offices and most schools—are closed during federal holidays. Here’s a list of those holidays with their dates observed.

Bank Holidays Calendar

Federal Holidays

Are the banks open today? If it’s a federal holiday, chances are your bank will be closed. See below for the list of bank holidays in 2023. Note that when a holiday falls on a Saturday, banks will close the Friday before. And if it falls on a Sunday, banks close the following Monday. If you need to plan even further ahead, you can visit the Federal Reserve website to see which holidays will be observed, along with their corresponding dates, for the next few years.

What To Do if Your Bank Is Closed

List of Federal holidays in the U.S

If your bank is closed on a federal holiday—or because of special circumstances like an emergency situation or global pandemic—you can still fulfill most of your banking needs by visiting ATMs and accessing your bank account online or through your bank’s mobile app. Check your bank’s website or call ahead to find out if it’s closed on a particular day.

If you discover your bank is closed for the holiday, any deposits you make won’t be posted until the next business day. The upside to this is that withdrawals will also be suspended.

Why Do Banks Close for Federal Holidays?

Most banks belong to the private sector. However, given that bank activities rely on the Federal Reserve—a government agency—banks follow the calendar for federal holidays, which originally started in 1870 as a way to grant federal employees paid time off. The U.S. currently recognizes the ten federal holidays listed above. The most recent change to this list was the addition of Juneteenth in 2022.

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Most banks, especially smaller and regional institutions, follow the federal holiday calendar. There are a few exceptions—typically larger banking conglomerates that stay open but with limited banking services. Even if your bank is open on a banking holiday, your transaction won’t post until the next business day.

Another exception may be bank branches located inside grocery stores, as some keep the same hours as the store. If you need in-person banking with more flexible hours, check to see if your financial institution happens to have a branch inside a store.

Are Online Banks Open During Bank Holidays?

If you use an online bank that doesn’t have brick-and-mortar locations, online banking services will be available on bank holidays, but transactions likely won’t post until the next business day.

Bottom Line

If it’s a federal holiday, it’s likely a bank holiday too. But it’s still worth checking your bank’s website for additional options and holiday hours when your needs exceed regular online banking and mobile app options.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) What happens to transactions on a bank holiday?

Although banks have the authority to follow their own schedules, most will hold transactions on a bank holiday, posting them on the next business day.

What if a holiday falls on a weekend?

If a holiday falls on a Saturday, banks will often be closed the Friday before. And if a holiday falls on a Sunday, banks will be closed the following Monday.

Are banks open on Christmas Eve?

Christmas Eve is not a federal holiday, but some bank branches do choose to close their doors early. Check your bank’s holiday hours to be sure.

What about payroll during bank holidays?

Although they’re not required to do so, employers can schedule payroll to go out early, before a bank holiday—and thankfully, many do. Otherwise, payroll can be paused for a bank holiday.