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How Long Until December 2023

How long will Fortnite OG last?

Fortnite OG was one of the surprise moments within the battle royale in recent years, and it’s a dive back into the past for most players.

November/December  - Taste of the South

While we wish the season could last forever, all good things have to come to an end sadly.

Fortnite OG premiered on November 3 and it’s going to be a dive back into the past for players, as we’re going to get to experience different points in Fortnite’s history.

While we’re going to be beginning the Season during Season 5/6, the map is going to change week by week, until we get to the end point, being Season X.

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The latter season is where the first Chapter of Fortnite ended a few years ago, and it was the last time players were able to dive into the old map, so it feels good to relive the good old days.

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So, while players would wish we would be playing old school Fortnite for the rest of the games existence, the time machine that teleported us back to this point in time, is going to eventually bring us back to modern-day.

Fortnite OG is going to end on December 3, 2023 and this is according to the in-game battle pass timer, alongside previously reported leaks by HYPEX.

We can assume this is also around the time we’re going to witness the season-ending event for Fortnite OG, which will involve the rocket being launched once again for players.

Week by week, Epic is also going to implement more weapons, vehicles and other items that we got to use back in the day, and this is also going to spice up the map quite a bit. While we’re starting the map pretty much bare bones, by the end of Fortnite OG’s season, it’ll look like the Season X map once again.

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In the meantime, this season is surely going to be a blast, and you can view our other Fortnite articles here.