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What Is The 75 Hard Challenge? Benefits, Rules And More

While there may be pros to a challenge like 75 Hard, some experts are cautious of the cons.

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“The good with 75 Hard comes along with the potential [of] habit formation and confidence with completing the program,” says certified strength and conditioning specialist Jake Boly. “If you can continually remind yourself that little things add up, then I see the benefit of the program assisting with one’s ability to build better habits, which can carry over post–program completion.”

However, beware of pendulum swings after the 75 days have passed, he says. “Whenever you make a dramatic lifestyle change like doing 75 Hard, you run the risk of losing sight of the bigger picture regarding moderation,” he adds.

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75 Hard could be a good program for someone who’s already active but probably isn’t suitable for beginners, says certified personal trainer and nutrition coach Stephanie Thomas. “The daily list of activities and tasks to be completed can feel daunting for someone who is just getting into fitness,” she says. Thomas recommends starting with one or two goals at a time and adding more as those goals are attained.

Dr. Haapanen agrees that certain people may find 75 Hard to be just the thing they need to kickstart healthy habits. However, she thinks there are superior options for most people based on her approach. “I prefer baby steps in life change behaviors,” she says. “In my practice, I aim to help my humans be 1% better every day. I find this [strategy] to be more sustainable, realistic and fun.”

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