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Cabot firefighters are back with another sexy calendar, this time including puppies

It feels like just yesterday that we first learned about the Cabot Firefighter Calendar Association, the nonprofit organization responsible for the most titillating pictures of fit first responders we’ve ever seen.

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Their 2023 calendar has been an essential fixture in the Arkansas Times office, a life-giving reminder that some of Cabot’s sexiest guys are rooting for us, often shirtlessly, even on the most difficult days of reporting.

As the year comes to a close and only two sultry pages of our calendar remain, we’ve found ourselves getting a little anxious, wondering what we’ll do when there are no more new bodies at which to longingly peer. If you’re among the 800 customers from all 50 states (and Canada!) who bought one of this year’s calendars, maybe you’ve also been worried.

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Fortunately, we have some good news. Tomorrow, the 2024 edition of the calendar will go on sale at CabotFest, which kicked off yesterday in downtown Cabot. Not only will you be able to purchase one for the incredibly reasonable price of $25, but you’ll also be greeted at the booth by some of the calendar’s hunky stars, who will gladly sign your copy. Perhaps they’ll even pose for a selfie with you or let you poke their biceps, as long as you ask for consent.

The Cabot Firefighter Calendar Association is about more than just muscles, though. This year, they were able to donate $5,000 of the calendar’s proceeds to Camp Sunshine, a four-day residential retreat for pediatric burn survivors. The chosen charity for 2024 is Cabot Animal Support Services, a local shelter that “promotes responsible pet guardianship, humane treatment of all animals, and pet sterilization to end needless overpopulation through education and community resources,” according to their website. To make things even better, every page of the 2024 calendar also includes a cute puppy dog — many of which were lent by the shelter. Frankly, it’s an unbeatable pairing of sultry and sweet.

Canada Calendar - Free Printable PDF templates

Something else you might notice about the new calendar is that it no longer showcases just men, thanks to Kayla Pixley, Cabot’s first female firefighter. Appearing in the calendar is voluntary, but we’re grateful to Pixley for making the eye candy more inclusive.

If you can’t make it to CabotFest, you can place an order online, or just stop by the Cabot Fire Department Central Station (1000 S. 2nd St.) and cross your fingers for a heart-stopping run-in.

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