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Football Manager 2024 Release Date and new features

The Football Manager 24 release date is creeping up on us. Sports Interactive Studio Manager Miles Jacobson lifted the lid on what’s in store a few weeks back, but now official confirmation of the launch has been confirmed.

What Is Today

In what will be the 20th game in the series, Jacobson has revealed it will be the last of its kind. You can secure your copy of the game through Football Manager 2024 Pre Orders as they went live in early September.

FM 23 was the first game in the series to be released across all platforms which included PlayStation and Xbox, as well as PC. This change in accessibility has been a huge success for the franchise as FM 23 hit five millions players, far exceeding the two million in previous years.

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Find out the FM 24 release date below.

The Football Manager 24 release date is November 6. The past two editions of the game have been released on a Monday in early November, so it is no surprise to see November 6 confirmed as this year’s schedule.


Sports Interactive has also confirmed a Football Manager 2024 early access period. Fans who use pre-orders can gain access to the game early, but it’s not quite as simple as you’d think, so make sure you know what you need to do.

The Football Manager 2024 beta version of the games should go live before release, offering players the chance to test this year’s version of the game. The FM 24 beta will likely arrive two weeks prior to the full launch of the new game.

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FM24 Platforms

FM 24 will be available across all the platforms of its predecessor, Football Manager 2023. Football Manager 2024 will be available on the following platforms:

Steam Epic Microsoft Store Game Pass PS5 Xbox Series X|S Apple Arcade Nintendo Switch iOS & Android What to expect from FM24

FM 24 looks set to be the most complete game in the series to date. Don’t just take our word for it though. In the recent blog post from Jacobson himself, he claimed that in FM 24 fans can expect “a host of improvements, big and small, both in new features and revamps to existing areas of the game.”

According to Jacobson, the vast majority of the team at Sports Interactive are focusing their efforts on FM 24 to ensure it will “inarguably be the most complete version of Football Manager to date.”

Big changes are being made to the matchday experience, and next season we will see a new match engine introduced as Sports Interactive ushers in a new era. The new graphics engine will combine with enhanced player locomotion to create a significantly better looking matchday experience.

There should be no delays to the release date either. The FM 24 feature set has been confirmed and fully designed much earlier than previous releases. This will allow the team at SI to put the finishing touches on their work earlier than before, creating an opportunity to fix known issues, and new ones that crop up.

However, the talk of new features stops there. Jacobson has stated that any new features won’t be announced any earlier than usual to allow ample time for them to be completed. There is one juicy morsel of information though…

Saved game transfer

The ability to transfer saved games from one version of Football Manager to another is coming in FM 24. This means that your FM 23 save is not the end once FM 24 is released, and you can continue your managerial career in this year’s version of the game.

This saved game transfer feature will be available across all platforms. Upon launching FM24, you will be offered the opportunity to continue your FM 23 save. The save will then contain all the new features and revamps that have arrived in FM 24.

Players who access Football Manager via Game Pass and Apple Arcade won’t lose their career either. While the details have not been finalised, Sports Interactive hopes to offer a seamless transition from one iteration of the game to the next.

The saved game transfer feature will then continue from FM 24 into Football Manager 2025, despite a huge overhaul coming to the FM series. In what is known as Project Dragonfly, we will see a new engine introduced, with new technology, enhanced manager creation, better ball physics, and a vastly improved user interface.

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Yes, there will be a Football Manager 2024, although it will be “the last of its kind.”

What are the new features of Football Manager 2024?

Most of the new features of Football Manager 2024 are yet to be confirmed. However, saved game transfer will allow players to carry their saved game from FM 23 to FM 24.