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How To Use Google Flights To Find Cheaper Flights

The “Explore” feature allows you to browse the cheapest fares to various places within the next six months. You can launch this feature by entering your desired departure city then clicking either of the two “Explore” icons on the search page, leaving all other boxes blank.

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This feature is ideal for travellers who don’t have a specific destination in mind and are more interested in finding a great opportunity.

Once you’ve launched the “Explore” feature, you’ll immediately see a map with the cheapest round trip economy fares to various destinations from the departure airport you’ve chosen. “Explore” defaults to a one week vacation in economy class within the next six months. If you’re interested in business class or premium economy instead, you can change the class of service. Move the map around and voila, you’ll see what’s possible all over the globe.

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In the “Where to?” box, you can specify a specific country (e.g. Italy) or continent (e.g. Asia) to narrow your search. Or even easier, zoom into a particular area to get more destination options within the map window.

If you find a destination and price that looks appealing, click on the bubble and flight details and dates will appear in the left bar.

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If you have a rough idea of when you’d like to travel or have a particular duration in mind, you can customize your search. Click on “1-week trip in the next 6 months” to specify search parameters such as “weekend trips in February” or “2-week trip in May.” “Explore” also works for specific dates.

The same options used for a regular Google Flight search are available in “Explore.” In addition, you can select an interest within “Explore.” Choose from outdoors, beaches, museums, history, skiing and popular to further refine your search.

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Play around with “Explore” to find inspiration for your next trip. You might find a totally unexpected destination.