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VTF&W 2024 wildlife calendar is available

MONTPELIER — Vermont Fish and Wildlife’s colorful 2024 calendar is now available.

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The calendar is filled with stunning photos of Vermont native species ranging from a rugged white-tailed deer buck to the vibrant dogbane leaf beetle.

The calendar features art by both well-known and emerging nature photographers, including Roger Irwin, Jim Blakeslee, Emmanuel Soza-Foias, Roger Farmer, Chris Ingram, Brian Pfeiffer and Rav Benett.

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“Vermont’s wildlife, habitats and people are interconnected, and this calendar celebrates that,” said Fish and Wildlife Commissioner Christopher Herrick in a release. “It showcases many wildlife species and commemorates the contributions and leadership of hunters and anglers as well as community scientists, private landowners and dedicated volunteers in conserving these species and their habitats for all Vermonters.”

The calendar includes hunting, fishing and trapping season dates for each month along with beautiful photography, making it the perfect gift for any outdoor recreationist.

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The calendar is available for $15 from Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department website,, using the online shopping cart function or by downloading a printable free-shipping mail-in form.

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