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Education Ministry announces official school term dates for 2024

The Ministry of Education has disclosed the official school term dates for the academic year 2024.

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Permanent Secretary Selina Kuruleca in a circular says these dates have been meticulously determined, aiming to provide educational institutions with ample time to prepare for a successful and productive year of teaching and learning.

According to the announcement, the academic year for 2024 will kick off with all teachers reporting to school on Monday, 29th January.

Term dates

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The first term is scheduled to conclude on 3rd May, ensuring a comprehensive period for academic engagement and learning.

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Subsequently, the second term is set to commence on 20th May and will continue through to 23rd August, offering a substantial duration for academic activities and enriching experiences for both educators and students alike.

The academic calendar for 2024 concludes with the third term, commencing on 9th September and running until 6th December.

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The Ministry of Education emphasizes that these designated term dates are strategically structured to empower Heads of Schools in planning and organizing their educational programs efficiently.