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2024 Calendar Including Bank Holidays

All the bank holiday dates set for 2024 with eight days off

All the dates have been set for the eight UK bank holidays to be held in 2024. The dates usually mean a day off work for most people as well as shorter opening hours for shops.

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The dates include two days off for Easter, two off in May and one at the end of August as well as the days off for Christmas and New Year. Bank holidays in the UK are public holidays during which banks and many other businesses and institutions are closed for the day, reports The Echo.

They are officially recognized by the government, and people are usually entitled to a day off from work. The term “bank holiday” dates back to the 19th century when the Bank Charter Act of 1844 was passed.


This act gave the Bank of England certain regulatory powers, including the ability to designate certain days as public holidays during which the banks would be closed. The term “bank holiday” was used because it was the banks that were primarily affected by these closures.

1 January – New Year’s Day

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29 March – Good Friday

1 April – Easter Monday

Calendar with Federal Holidays

6 May – Early May bank holiday

27 May – Spring bank holiday

26 August – Summer bank holiday

25 December – Christmas Day

26 December – Boxing Day