"The turnkey import" is an East-West-Trading service which will increase the profitability of your business and help to find new counterparties. We work with the world's largest manufacturers and suppliers of consumer products, raw materials and capital goods. We create favorable conditions for conducting foreign trade activities for our customers and offer them optimal logistic schemes. After detailed study of the foreign trade legislation, members of East-West-Trading register all necessary documents and ensure compliance with the legal purity of the transaction as soon as possible.

An integrated approach to the organization of "the turnkey import" The range of services that we offer to clients under the "import turnkey" includes:

  • consulting services for the organization of foreign trade activities;
  • search, checking contractors abroad and market research;
  • assessment of the economic effects and the risks of foreign trade transactions;
  • accounting support of FEA;
  • service of contract holder - a set of measures on the organization of the delivery of imported goods on behalf of a client on behalf of our company;
  • development of logistics schemes;
  • organization of international shipping (multimodal, air, rail, sea, road transport);
  • organization of handling, storage and accounting of goods;
  • support of the transaction for the supply of goods to Russia from Europe, Asia and the USA;
  • service of customs brokerage;
  • certification of imported goods;
  • preparation of all necessary documents (a foreign economic contract, bank records and documentation required for customs clearance, bank documents, etc.).

East-West-Trading pays particular attention to the preparation and processing of documents in accordance with the legal requirements of the supplier and the buyer of goods (the Russian Federation). Due to this approach, the risks of supply disruptions, delays at customs, charges, fines and penalties, as well as the occurrence of unplanned expenses are reduced to zero.

During our partnership, each East-West-Trading client is assigned a personal manager. Qualified staff member is able to answer all questions, make timely adjustments to the scheme of supply of goods if necessary, and represent your interests in negotiations with foreign partners. Strong connections with leading manufacturers and suppliers of imported goods, as well as modern logistics technology and experience, allow East-West-Trading to guarantee clients the maximum benefits from working with us.

International Logistics

The development of trade relations among various countries, the growth of globalization, and the expansion of transport links with the countries of Europe and Asia contribute to higher regulations for all foreign trade participants. Today, the established relations with foreign partners, the ability to provide the best logistics solutions, as well as experience and availability of its own infrastructure for the organization of foreign trade, are all valued most. For years, East-West-Trading has been in the market focusing first and foremost on consumer packaged goods exports, so our experts are ready to offer a full range of services in international logistics:

  • preparation of optimal logistic schemes;
  • consolidation of cargoes;
  • packaging and labeling of cargoes;
  • production and labeling with the ingredients of the product;
  • palletizing of cargo;
  • execution of loading operations in Russia and other countries;
  • forwarding of cargo;
  • storage services, including consolidation warehouses;
  • protection of the cargo;
  • customs brokerage assistance;
  • cargo certifications;
  • cargo insurance;
  • services for the collection and registration of all necessary documents (supporting documentation required for customs clearance, bank documents, etc.).

Working with East-West-Trading you will save yourself from cooperating with dozens of intermediaries. You formulate the problem, and we solve it successfully. We are ensuring your company's profits and improved reputation in the international market.

International shipping with East-West-Trading: profitable and safe

East-West-Trading organizes cargo transportation from the countries of the CIS, Europe, Asia and the United States. After analyzing the problem formulated by the client, and his wishes concerning the budget, East-West-Trading logistics specialists offer the best option of cargo transportation:

  • Sea container shipping (ideally suitable for the delivery of consolidated goods from China);
  • Cargo charter and scheduled flights;
  • rail transportation;
  • transportation of goods using standard and special vehicles (including refrigeration trailers, tankers, etc.);
  • multimodal transportation using several modes of transport.

We perceive every step, consider all the factors affecting the cost and terms of cargo transportation, ensure the accuracy of each document, and interact with the supervisory authorities of foreign governments.

Advantages of cooperation with the East-West-Trading

  • An integrated approach to solving the problem of the client;
  • consideration of the wishes of the client in terms of cost and time of delivery;
  • operational efficiency;
  • possibility of real-time tracking of the cargo on each stage of transportation;
  • services of a personal manager who is assigned to each client;
  • informational support.

The application of integrated logistics technologies with the use of international standards, the experience and professionalism of the East-West-Trading allows us to solve quickly the most complex logistic tasks. We appreciate our customers and are always ready to meet you halfway.

Customs clearance

International Logistics on routes through the territory of the Russian Federation is inextricably connected with the customs clearance procedure for imported Russian goods or goods in transit. Employees of East-West-Trading are qualified declarants, customs brokers, and logistics and FEA experts, who are ready to provide you with a full range of services in the field of customs clearance:

  • The consulting services and assistance in identifying the necessary documents
  • preliminary calculation of the cost of customs clearance;
  • customs clearance of exported and imported goods on a "turnkey" basis;
  • registration of FEA participants with customs authorities;
  • assistance in the process of preparing the foreign trade documents;
  • assistance in obtaining of custom classification decisions;
  • services for the selection and verification of the commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity codes;
  • preparation of documents for customs clearance;
  • opening and closing of European export declarations for registration of VAT;
  • assistance in declaring goods electronically;
  • assistance in obtaining electronic digital signature for remote declaration of goods;
  • certification of goods (obtaining certificates • the cargo insurance;
  • help with the passage of veterinary and phytosanitary control of GOST Russia Certificate of Conformity, sanitary conclusions, certificates of technical regulations, etc.
  • assessment in the centers of expertise of the customs value of the goods;
  • clearance of excisable goods
  • cargo insurance;
  • assistance with the passage of veterinary and phytosanitary control.

Please note that customs clearance of food items has specific caveats. East-West-Trading has over 5 years of experience in accompanying food exports, ensuring that all our employees have the necessary knowledge and experience. We guarantee a rapid clearance in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Advantages of cooperation with the East-West-Trading

  • The optimization of foreign economic activity by minimizing the costs of customs clearance;
  • exclusion of numerous middlemen from the delivery process;
  • guarantee of the customs documents’ validity;
  • reduction of the time of customs clearance.

Well-established connections and the exceptional qualifications and experience of our employees enable us to produce customs clearance quickly, efficiently and in strict accordance with the applicable legislation. We take your wishes into account and are ready to assist in solving the most complex problems, as the East-West-Trading company is always interested in the successful development of our clients’ businesses.


The East-West-Trading company was established in 2008. We have brought together the best experts in the fields of foreign trade, international cargo transportation, logistics, customs clearance, cargo insurance, and certification. Exceptional qualifications and experience of our stuff enable us to offer customers the most effective and modern solutions in support of international trade.

Our company specializes in exports of domestically-produced consumer goods. We have established contacts with distributors in CIS countries, Europe, Asia and the US, which is why we are prepared to take control of not only the delivery, but also of the any details surrounding the foreign contractual paperwork.

Customer-oriented approach is the cornerstone of the East-West-Trading Company’s philosophy. We are focused on results, in pursuit of which all of our customers’ wishes are taken into account. We provide high-quality services without intermediaries, and are ready to take on complex multi-dimensional tasks while offering our customers the most favorable price.

East-West-Trading Company tirelessly strives to improve the efficiency of international trade’s business participants. Continuously, our team:

  • develops and implements optimal logistic schemes of movement and control of trade flows;
  • improves the quality of services provided;
  • expands its presence in international markets;
  • looks for new partners;
  • adopts the experience of world leaders in support of international trade;
  • stays aware of any Russian and foreign customs legislation changes;
  • develops a portfolio solutions for our client.

We offer our partners a complete, accurate, and transparent information at each stage of the FEA. Long-term cooperation is our goal as we are interested in improving the profitability of our clients.